Strategic Partners

Creative EDS is a proud  member of the 3 D Economic Development Consortium.  Our priority is to stimulate local economies and get Americans back to work.  Strategic Partners receive a 3 to 1 benefit for their participation;

1. Participation will impact the development of job creation in your local community.

2. Participation helps stimulate your local economy by creating new local businesses, expanding existing businesses and generating additional tax dollars for your community.

3. Participation reduces Government Spending by decreasing unemployment which could enable your community to Redirect  the savings into education and community infrastructure for example.

By taking an active role in redeveloping your community you take ownership and responsibility for the success of your community.

Creative EDS is on the cutting edge of globally redefining employment for the 21st Century.  By merging  proven entrepreneurial concepts with innovative technologies that are also socially conscious, Creative EDS is helping to lead the way in job creation.

Extensive Research and Development of conventional and non conventional ideas and innovations that create jobs and grow economies.   Expansion of services, infrastructure, personnel  development and virtual manufacturing, directly support  the local community.

Strategic Partner contributions are processed thru the 3 D Economic Development Consortium. Become a partner on a winning team.  Help stimulate the local economy and help take control of your community at the same time!   Become a Strategic Partner!

Monthly contribution is $20.  The power of an effective micro economics system starts with you!  Take control by action and help create a local  job!

We measure success in the number of jobs created in local economies and increased local spending.

Take control by getting involved!

Become a Strategic Partner!

Working Together, Leading The Trend

Creative EDS