Creative EDS constantly searches for new  and innovative ways to develop systems that create jobs, grow small businesses and stimulate the economy of local communities.   In the last 10 years the U.S. has lost over 42,000 manufacturing plants.  It is time for private industry to take a bolder step in pioneering new industries that create employment opportunities in the U.S.

For example, an all electric or environmentally safe alternative fuel transportation company has the potential to create thousands of new jobs, preserve our environment and open up an entire new supply chain of jobs, innovative products  and services.

Creative EDS will launch Resource Centers as well as a pre-tested recycling program and a product participation initiative.  These systems will allow small businesses to generate diverse streams of income that can be directed to additional benefits for current employees or meet the demands of  additional personnel.

In addition to developing unique economic systems that create jobs, Creative EDS will launch a unique “Quality of life Benefits Packages” for medium and small businesses that will give employers  the opportunity  to offer more dynamic benefits to their employees at lower costs.

By reducing bottom line cost to the employer, we can increase global competitiveness and create an environment that makes opening and expanding businesses in America more attractive.  The “Quality of Life Benefit Package” will also serve as an incentive to employees  and ultimately give the employees more flexibility, input and control over raises, bonuses and paid days off.   This gives the employee more control over their “Quality Of Life” by taking a more active role in the “Quality” of their employment and personal responsibility for the future of their employment.

In the future Creative EDS will also offer employment systems that will allow small businesses to employ & expand summer youth internships and employment programs, which will also be a tremendous benefit to the private sector and the local community.