Social Impact

…within the community. When more people in the community have jobs, more money is spent at local businesses such as grocery and clothing stores. . More discretionary income is available for going to the movies and going out to dinner. A car can now be purchased if the family could not afford one before or a second car. More gasoline and car services are needed as cash flow and lifestyle improve.  These are just a few of the tangible assets from job creation.

Improved educational opportunities can now be pursued. Moving to a better house or better neighborhood is now a possibility. Other benefits to the community include a reduction in household stress over finiancial issues as more bills and obligations are paid on time.  Finiancial issues are the number 1 or number 2 cause of divorce in this country depending on which poll you believe.

Neighborhood crime tends to go down with higher community employment. Quality of life is improved for all who live in the community.  Recidivism can be dramatically reduced. People in the community are not revolving in and out of prison. They are working. Local community members can experience new hope for a better tomorrow.   An opportunity for a better life and lifestyle.

New taxpayers are created which means increased funds for state and local governments.  Government dependence on services such as food stamps and other subsidies tend to decrease with more community employment.  Substance abuse treatment and mental health services can now more easily be taken advantage of as well as overall health care.

Additional services can be provided such as credit  and money management, legal services and a wide range of necessary functions to facilitate a growing employment economy.