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About Us
About Us

Redirect & Consolidate

Creative EDS specializes in redirecting and consolidating fragmented resources into economic systems that create micro economies. These systems are designed to engage the public and private sector to create innovative employment opportunities at the local level, contribute to bottom line revenue for small businesses and increase social value to the community as a whole.

Revenue Generating Systems

Creative EDS assists our small business clients in identifying assets and resources within their organization, then converting those resources into revenue generating systems that stimulate growth and productivity.

Improved quality of life and higher morale of employees also create a net positive for the organization or business.

Changing Economy

The shifting of our global economy has pushed businesses to think outside the box and compete at a higher level both economically and socially. This economic transformation has forced some companies to consider the larger social benefit as part of their overall plan as they re-tool to compete and merge diversified revenue strategies.

Micro Economy

As a proud member of the 3-D Economic Development Consortium, our challenge is to remain on the cutting edge of innovation for small business development while solving some of the most pressing social issues of our time. Specifically focusing on long term job creation strategies at the local level.

Our Strategic Partner Initiative is built on this principle. By redirecting and consolidating a small amount of fragmented community resources, a micro economy is created as a funding vehicle for local job creation and small business development.

This in turn fuels a Trickle Up Effect that benefits individuals, families, communities and businesses within that community.

Together, as Strategic Partners, we can have a direct impact on the economic health of our communities!

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