Creative Economic Development Systems, LLC is a socially conscious for profit corporation whose membership is solely made up from Social Entrepreneurs who understand the important role the private sector must plays in the rebuilding of a great country.

Creative E.D.S’s  primary focus is to economically empower  urban and rural communities by stimulating economic growth for small businesses.  Partnering with the local community and other socially conscious groups has created a perfect opportunity to redirect and consolidating existing revenues at the local level.  This partnership will create multiple employment opportunities for individuals living in at risk communities.

Harnessing the principles of micro economic Creative EDS assist local communities in generating additional tax revenues .   Creating employment opportunities in at risk community will also play a major role in cutting government spending at the Judicial level.

As a proud member of the 3-D Economic Development Coalition  our challenge is to merge the most successful private sector business principles with the goal of solving some of the most pressing social issues of our time.   implementing  long term  job creation strategies will play a major role in reducing  poverty and recidivism .

The business community has met the challenge and we anticipate strong community support  both are vital components necessary to  create conventional jobs immediately but also jobs adaptable for a 21st century economy.    By maintaining economic development systems that create liveable wage jobs  specifically designed for those trapped in cycles of  poverty and previously incarcerated, as a coalition we will have an impact.   We call this,  ” Trickle Up Economics”!

We are excited about the magnitude of what can accomplish together as a Community Coalition!  With over 40 million people in poverty and 38 million affected by previous incarceration, we have a lot of work to do!

We look forward to your participation in the new economy!

Creative Economic Development Systems

Leading The Trend!